Kenfig - The Complete History (e-Resource)

Welsh Government sponsored & Heritage Status website on Kenfig's rich & colourful history from Prehistory to Present Day

The website created to tell the story of Kenfig & its surrounding villages from prehistoric times to the present day.



Registered Not for Profit Organisation

BAVO (Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations) BAVO (Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations) – BAVO (Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations) is the unbrella organisation supporting and promoting voluntary organisations in the Bridgend County, South Wales, UK. BAVO is a membership organisation open to all voluntary and community groups working or based in Bridgend County Borough. Local Community Group has Full BAVO Membership.

Learn more… Local Community Group – was formed in March 2004 by Mr Rob Bowen approximately one year after the website was initially launched online. Forming a community group was decided due to the sheer volume of website visitors during the website’s first year online & additionally due to the sheer impact the website was having on the immediate local communities.

MCK Community Newsletter - October 2004Mr Rob Bowen was already working voluntary as an Associate with another community group in the immediate Kenfig / North Cornelly area (The MCK Newsletter Team) – it was decided to create a community group of the website to complement this newsletter as both situations were working towards the same goals in sharing aspects of local history with the local communities. A list of website objectives was drawn up together with a constitution and a committee was formed. Local Community GroupConstitution / Project Objectives – The following outlines our Constitution and Project Objectives – all are realistic & attainable given the enormous tasks invloved with a project of such magnitude. Since this project was founded as a not for profit organisation in March 2004 all objectives have more or less been attained.

  • To be totally interactive with the local people and communities through the delivery of online materials (news, photos, articles, etc) to share and learn about local history and events in and around the Kenfig areas.
  • To develop an interest in the local community and encourage the taking part and support in local community events, eg. Annual Gambo Race – thus fostering a strong community spirit, identity and confidence amongst its residents.
  • To develop an interest in local history studies.
  • To provide a workable research platform for members of the local people and communities to begin / continue research into genealogy studies.
  • To promote the importance of Kenfig and surrounding areas throughout history – especially during and throughout the War Years (WWII).
  • To promote local culture and heritage.
  • To provide an online interactive platform and resource for the younger generations (school children – primary school level upwards) to research local history, combined with the learning of ICT and Internet skills which forms a part of the National Curriculum within the United Kingdom. The integration of cross-referenced online materials
  • The integration of cross-referenced online materials together with 3D modelling technologies to create an online educational resource of worldclass distinction for the 21st century and beyond.

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